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1.I'd like to book a double room for Tuesday next week.下周二我想訂一個雙人房間。
2.What's the price difference?兩種房間的價格有什么不同?
3.A double room with a front view is 140 dollars per night,one with a rear view is15dollars
Per night.一間雙人房朝陽面的每晚140美元,背陰面的每晚115美元。
4.I think I'll take the one with a front view then.我想我還是要陽面的吧。
5.How long will you be staying?您打算住多久?
6.We'll be leaving Sunday morning.我們將在星期天上午離開。
7.And we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.我們盼望下周二見到您。
8.I'd like to book a single room with bath from the after-noon of October 4 to the morning
of October 10.我想訂一個帶洗澡間的單人房間,10月4日下午到10月10日上午用。
9.We do have a single room available for those dates.我們確實有一個單間,在這段時間可以用。
10. What is the rate, please?請問房費多少?
11.The current rate is$ 50 per night.現行房費是50美元一天。
12. What services come with that?這個價格包括哪些服務項目呢?
13.That sounds not bad at all. I'll take it.聽起來還不錯。這個房間我要了。
14. By the way, I'd like a quiet room away from the street if the is possible.順便說一下,如有可能我想要一個不臨街的安靜房間。
15.Welcome to our hotel.歡迎光臨。
16.So you have got altogether four pieces of baggage?您一共帶了4件行李,是不是?
17. Let me have a check again.讓我再看一下。
18.The Reception Desk is straight ahead.接待處就在前面。
19.After you, please.你先請。
20.Excuse me, where can I buy some cigarettes?勞駕。我到哪兒可買到香煙?
21.There is a shop on the ground floor.一樓有個商店。
22.It sells both Chinese and foreign cigarettes.在那兒可買到中國香煙和外國香煙。
23.Can I also get some souvenirs there?也可以買到紀念品嗎?
24.There is a counter selling all kinds of souvenirs.有個柜臺出售各種各樣的紀念品。
25.Excuse me,where is the restaurant?勞駕,請問飯廳在哪兒?
26.We have Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant.Which one do you perfer
27.I'd like to try some Chinese food today.今天我想嘗嘗中國菜。
28.I want a double room with a bath.我要一間有浴室的雙人房。
29.How much a day do you charge?每天收費多少?
30.It is hundred yuan a day including heating fee, but excluding service charge.一百元一天,包括供暖費但不包括服務費。
31.It's quite reasonable.收費十分合理。
32.How long do you intend to stay in this hotel?您準備住多久?
33.Have you got through with the check-in procedure?你是否已經辦妥住宿登記手續?
34. Can I book a single room for my friend beforehand as he will arrive in Shanghai tomorrow morning?我能為我的朋友預訂一間單人房嗎?他將于明天早上到達上海。
35.Would you mind filling in this form and pay a hundred yuan in advance for him.請填好并預付一百元錢。
36.This is a receipt for paying in advance.Please keep it.這是預付款收據,請收好。
37.Have you any vacant(spare) room in the hotel?旅館里有空余房間嗎?
38.Sorry, we have no vacant(spare) room for you. But I can recommend you to the Orient Hotel where you may get a spare room.對不起,我們已經客滿了。但是我可以介紹您去東方飯店,那里有空余的房間。
39.good afternoon, my room number is 321.Any mail for me?下午好!我的房號是321。有我的信嗎?
40.Yes.You have two letters and one telegram, also a message was left by a lady before one hour.有的。您有兩封信和一封電報,一小時前有一位小姐來電話留言給您。
41.I'll mail a letter to U.S.A.by airmail.我要寄一封航空信到美國。
42.How much do I have to pay for you?我要付多少錢?
43.A letter generally mails to America—Europe—Africa by airmail. First 20 grams is 20 yuan.通常一封寄到美國、歐洲、非洲的航空信,20克收費20元。
44.Yes, we do have a reservation for you.對了,我們這兒是有您預訂的房間。
45.Would you please fill out this form while I prepare your key card for you?請您把這份表填好,我同時就給您開出入證,好嗎?
46.What should I fill in under ROOM NUMBER?“房間號碼”這一欄我該怎么填呢?
47.I'll put in the room number for you later on.過會兒我來給您填上房間號碼。
48.You forgot to put in the date of your departure.您忘了填寫離店日期了。
49.And here is your key,Mr.Bradley.Your room number is 1420.給您房間的鑰匙,布拉德利先生。您的房間號碼是1420。
50.It is on the 14th floor and the daily rate is$90.房間在14層,每天的房費是90美元。51. Please make sure that you have it with you all the time.請務必隨時帶著它。
52. My business negotiation has proGREssed much more slowly than I had expected.我的業務談判進行得比我原先預料的慢了許多。
53. I wonder if it is possible for me to extend my stay at this hotel for two days.我想知道是否可以讓我在這兒多呆兩天。
54.I'll take a look at the hotel's booking situation.我來查看一下本店房間的預訂情況。
55.I'm glad that we'll be able to accept your extension re-quest.很高興我們有辦法接受您延長住宿的要求。
56. But I'm afraid that it will be necessary for us to ask you to change rooms for the last two nights.不過,恐怕最后兩天我們得請您搬到別的房間去。
57. We have already let your room to another gentleman.我們已經把您住的房間租給了另外一位先生。
58. That's no problem at all.沒問題。
59.Is this everything, sir?這是全部東西嗎,先生?
60.Here's the light switch.這是電燈開關。
61.Here's the closet and there's the bathroom.這兒是壁柜。這兒是洗澡間。
62. Will there be anything else, sir?還有什么事嗎,先生?
63. Well,if you need anything else,please call room service.噢,如果你有什么事,請叫房間服務。
64. Let me help you with your luggage.我來幫您拿行李。
65.It's very kind of you to do so.你這樣做使我很感激。
66.What's your room number, please?請問您的房間號碼?
67. And by the way, could I have a look at your room card?順便問一句,我可以看一下您的房卡嗎?
68.How do you like this room?您覺得這個房間怎么樣?
69.It's also quite spacious.房間也很寬敞。
70. Do you mind if I put your luggage by the wardrobe?我把您的行李擱在衣柜旁邊好嗎?
71.By the way, could you tell me about your hotel service?順便問問,你能不能給我講一下賓館服務的情況?
72.Is there any place in the hotel where we can amuse our-selves?旅館里有娛樂場所嗎?
73.If you want to take a walk, you can go to the garden.如果您想散步,可以去花園。
74.There is a recreation centre on the ground floor.在一樓有個娛樂中心。
75. You can play billiards,table tennis,bridge,and go bowl-ing.您可以去打打臺球、乒乓球、橋牌和保齡球。
76.Is there a place where we can listen to some music?有聽音樂的地方嗎?
77. There is a music teahouse where you can enjoy both classical music such as Beethoven,Mozart,Liszt,and mode rnmusic,while having some Chinese tea or other soft drinks.有個音樂茶座,您可以一邊欣賞古典音樂,如貝多芬、莫扎特、李斯特的樂曲和現代音樂,一邊品嘗中國茶和軟飲料。
78. Would you please tell me the daily service hours of the dining room?請告訴我餐廳每天的服務時間,好嗎?
79.From 7∶00 a.m.till 10∶00 p.m.nearly serving all day long.從早上七時一直到晚上十時,幾乎全天供應。

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