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Service English For Front office
good morning, Reservation, may I help you? 早上好,客房預訂部,可以為您效勞嗎?
May I have your name and telephone number? 能告訴我您的名字和電話嗎?
May I know your arrival and departure date? 請問您打算住多久呢?
What kind of room would you prefer? 您想要什么樣的房間呢?
How many rooms do you need? 您需要幾間呢?
How many guests do you have ? 您一行共有多少位客人呢?
When would you expect to arrive? 您什么時候能到呢?
Hold on, please. I’ll check our room availability for those days.請別掛斷,我查一下那幾天有沒有空房。
I’m sorry, but we have no deluxe room available for those days, but we can offer you Executive Suit.很抱歉恐怕那幾天沒有豪華間了,但我們還有行政套房。
We will do our best to book you into deluxe room. 我們盡量為您訂豪華間。
The daily rate of the deluxe room is RMB780 with 10% service charge.豪華客房的價格是人民幣780元加10%的服務費。
We offer special rates for your company, sir. For all type of rooms there is a 50% discount. 我們為貴公司提供房價五折優惠。
How would you like to guarantee your reservation? 您想怎樣擔保您的預訂呢?
Would you like us to arrange a car to pick up you at the airport? 需要我們派車去機場接您嗎?
I will connect you with the Concierge.我幫您轉接禮賓部。
May I confirm the reservation, sir? A Elite room from May26th to 29th. Am I right? 先生,確認一下您的預約好嗎?一間5月26日至29日的雅致客房,對嗎?
We will extend the reservation(make the cancellation/the correction/the change )for you.謝謝您,我們會為您延長(取消/改正/變更)
Do you have a reservation with us, sir? 請問您有沒有預訂,先生?
I’m very sorry, our rooms are fully booked today .May I introduce a hotel nearby for you? 很抱歉,今天客房全部滿了,為您介紹附近的酒店好嗎?
Just moment, please, I’ll check our reservation record.請稍等,我查一下預約記錄。
Yes sir. I have your reservation right here, we are expecting you.  對的,先生。您的預訂在這兒,我們正等候您的光臨。
Could I see your passports/ID card, sir? 先生,請出示您的護照/身份證好嗎?
Would you please fill in the registration card? 請填寫這張登記卡好嗎?
Would you please pay RMB1000 for deposit?請付人民幣1000元做押金。
Here’s your room key to 908 and room card, please keep them. Your room is on the 9th floor; the bellboy will show you up. Enjoy your stay, sir.這是您的908號房間鑰匙和房卡。您的房間在9樓,行李生會領您上去的。希望您過得愉快,先生。
good morning, may I have your room number please? 早上好,請問您的房間號碼?
Mr. Scout, did you consume anything in your Mini bar? 斯格特先生,您消費過迷你吧嗎?
How would you like to settle your bill? 您選擇怎樣的付賬方式呢?
May I take a print of your card? 我能刷一下您的卡嗎?
Mr. Scout, here is your bill, Please check it. 斯格特先生,這是您的賬單,請復核。
This figure here accounts for the room service that you used yesterday. 這個數字是您昨天消費客房送餐的費用。
Here is your deposit receipt, please keep it with you during you stay with us and present this receipt upon you check out for settlement. 這是您的押金收據,請保存好,結帳時請出示此收據。
It comes to 900RMB at today’s exchange rate. 根據今天的匯率一共是900人民幣。
Do you have luggage in the trunk? 行李箱里有沒有行李呢?
May I help you with your luggage, sir? 先生,需要我幫您拿行李嗎?
I will show you to your room. This way, please.我帶您到您的房間去,請跟我來。
How many pieces of luggage do you have? 您有幾件行李呢?
Is this all your luggage? 這是您的所有行李嗎?
I’m sorry , we can't accept perishable goods. 對不起,我們不寄存易腐壞的物品。
Altogether 3 suitcases and 2 handbags, is that right? 一共是3個箱子,2個手提包,對嗎?
Is there anything valuable or breakable in your bag? 您包里有貴重或易碎物品嗎?
There is a safe in each guest room.每間房都有保險箱。
Just a moment, please. I’ll get a cart.請稍等,我去拿行李車。
This is your claim tag, sir.這是您的取物條,先生。
Your bags can be picked up from the Bell Captain’s desk.您可以到服務臺領取行李。
After you, sir. 您先請,先生。
Going up/down to which floor, sir? 去哪一層樓呢,先生?
This is your room, sir. 這是您的房間,先生。
May I put your bags here, sir? 我可以把行李放在這里嗎,先生?
May I arrange a car for you? 為您叫輛車好嗎?
Please wait for a moment, I’ll put through with you.請稍等,我馬上為您轉接。
I’ll connect you with the Front Desk. 我為您轉接前臺。
I’m sorry, the line is busy, please call back later.對不起,對方電話無法接通,請稍后再撥。
The line was bad/noisy. 線路故障/有雜音。
Please dial 9 before the country code and then the area code and then the number. 請先撥9再撥國家號和地區號,最后撥電話號碼。
For room-to -room calls , please dial 8 first and then room number. 如要客房撥打客房,請撥8加房間號碼。
You may call directly from your room, sir.先生,您可以直接由客房打出去。
The country codes are listed in the service directory in you room. 您房間的服務指南中列有國家代碼。
Would you please be louder? I can’t hear you clearly. 請大聲點好嗎?我聽不清楚您的聲音
Who are you calling? 請問您要找誰?
I’m afraid there is no body answer. Would you like to leave a message? 沒人接聽電話,您要留話嗎?
Could you repeat that? 請再說一次好嗎?
Could you speak more slowly? 請說慢一點好嗎?
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. 抱歉讓您久等了。
At what time shall we call you? 我們該什么時候叫您呢?(叫早)
Thanks for your calling, good bye.謝謝您的來電,再見。
Please leave your room number and we will send the fax up to your room as soon as we get it.請留下您的房號,一旦傳真收到我們馬上為您送上去。
We have comprehensive communication facilities and secretarial assistance.我們提供綜合性的商務設備和秘書服務。
May I have the fax number? 能告訴我傳真號嗎?
The fee is 5yuan per page for a local fax. 本地傳真5元一頁。
It costs 10yuan .這個10元錢。
They are all first—class goods. 這些都是一等品。
Is there anything else you are interested in? 您還想買點別的嗎?
It’s very fragile, please handle with care. Don’t put it upside down.它是易碎物品,請小心輕放,不要倒放。 

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